This pages gathers fire observation from a fieldwork campaign organized in Kruger National Park in 2014. It was organized by Navashni Govender (South African National Parks), Martin Wooster (Kings College London), Wilfrid Schroeder (NOAA), Gernot Rucker (Zebris Geo-IT) and Anja Hoffman (GOFC Regional Networks).

np14 overview

Helicopter-borne images were collected for 4 savannah prescribed burns using a handheld camera mount operating 3 cameras:

  • an Optris P400, a Long Wave Infra Red (LWIR) camera
  • an Agema 550, a Middle Infra Red (MIR) camera which does not see temperature below 470K.
  • and a Gopro Hero camera, hereafter the visible (VIS) camera which shows here gray scale images.

knp14 overview

Follows an overview of the orhtorectified images processed with a suite of algorithms specifically designed for airborne fire observation collected at high frequency. The main requirement are: the camera points towards the plot along a near constant direction, scene background around the plot are kept as much as possible in the field of view, and the plot can be approximated as a plan surface.

Shabeni 3

shabeni3 Shabeni3 is a 7.4 ha plot burnt on the 22th of August 2014. Ignition starts at 10:00 UTC and last for 25 minutes.

% image removed 7.8 13.5 0
ortho dx (m) 1.0 1.0 1.0
ortho fps stats (Hz)      
min 0.12 0.16 0.5
5% perc. 1. 1.48 1
median 2. 2.97 2
max 3.0 3.0 3

Note: slow moving back fires followed by one intense front merging; LWIR images are slightly blurred. Clik menu below to expand.

LWIR Orthorectified Images animation

MIR Orthorectified Images animation

Interactive plot: 3 bands (LWIR,MIR,VIS) Orthorectified Images