A quick post to mark the launch of the 3DFireLAb project funded by a MSCA fellwoship. In the next two years, I will be working here at UPC with Elsa Pastor and Eulalia Planas on Fire Monitoting and Radiative Transfer Modelling in Open Propagating Fire.


The main objective of 3DFireLab is to set up a modelling strategy that will make possible the simulation of radiative transfer in open propagating fire, to in fine simulate Infrared Image from the simulated fire in such a way that it could be compared to current pratice in prescribed burn monitoring.

The project involved 4 researchers based in France in Toulouse: Jean-Philippe Gastellu-Etchegorry (CESBIO) who will help me with his experience in Radiative Transfer and the DART model developed at CESBIO; Celine Mari (LA/CERFACS) who will provide her expertise in fire/atmospheric modelling via the MesoNH model maintained at LA; and Melanie Rochoux (CERFACS) and Corentin Lapeyre (CERFACS) who will help me setup a deep learning methodology to develop a fire spread model derived from observation.

Plenty to do.